Banking & Financial Software

A Gartner report states that "99% of banking operations have been digitized in the developed world. The third world isn't far behind with a full 100% of banks committed to digitizing operations in the next few years." We have built solutions for a wide range of banking problems. For instance, when a customer came to us to implement a net-banking add-on application we added in record time and even received a recommendation to carry out a similar project for another bank. The banks we worked are top 5 nationalized banks in India.

How We Help

Data integrity, secure networks, multiple fail safes and a backed-up network are the hallmarks of what we offer for banks. As CIOs are well aware, modifications to existing systems can end up being costly and time-consuming. However, we are consistently able to:

  •   Reduce risk and total cost of ownership
  •   Increase operational efficiency
  •   Improve business processes

The major solutions that we offer can be categorized as:

  •   ¬†Internet of Things, Document Management, Employee Attendance, Secure Lockers
  •   ¬†Analytics and Dashboards: Financial Metrics crafted and presented as requested
  •   Testing Services: Comprehensive banking operation use case testing
  •   Application Maintenance: Update Bank Systems per Business Rules
  •   Application Development: Customer Portals, Net-Banking Solutions
  •   Mobility Management: Apps to monitor salesforce and operations
  •   Remote Teams: Monitor ATM and branch Premises

Case Study

A bank approached us with a problem regarding their ATM software. The software the vendor provided was based on an older platform and was not able to support the additional features that they wanted to provide to their customers. Rather than revamping the entire system which would have cost the bank a hefty fee, we worked with the existing vendors to integrate the requested features into the ATM management systems.

Have a plan in Banks?You can bank on us!