Development Process

GNTS has a rigorous agile methodology and it calls for daily evaluation. Every single project is monitored and tracked on a process compliant list audited periodically by GNTS in accordance with customer needs. This system at GNTS is subject to updates and recently it was upgraded to adopt a program plan methodology to track programs with multiple projects and offer real-time insightful analysis aiding resource levelling.

GNTS project management practice adheres to global standards, supported by a strong foundation and collaborative tools such as JIRA, FogBugz, Bugzilla, GitHub and Redmine. We prefer a suite with integrated project management tools like Insight, Subversion, and Microsoft project.

Development Process

Requirement Gathering

Speak one-on-one with an experienced Software Project Manager and communicate your business challenges and project requirements.

Project Milestones

Once the requirements and expectations are clearly set, we will craft a specific high-level project scope document which defines the project roadmap. It will also outline milestones and costs. After signing you on, we will engage with you to create a detailed requirement document that has granular detail about our engagement.

Wireframes / POC

The next step is to create wire frames of your software solution. This is practically the foundation of our development work. In this phase you will be working closely with us to agree on the Proof of Concept.

UI Design

Beautiful user interfaces drive better usage of the application. Our experienced designers give their seasoned touch to make project screens visually appealing and functionally usable.


During the project development client can see the wireframes grow into an actual piece of working software. The continuous iterative development method helps customer to see periodic progress against set milestones. This method enables customer helps to make changes in the light of an evolving product.

Testing & Go-live

The project is tested extensively and rigorously for both performance and functionality. The project is released for use after it clears testing phases like SIT, UAT etc.

Reporting & Maintenance

All of our projects come with quick support that can implement changes to live applications without impacting production.