The size of the hospitality industry is more than $493.76 billion and is projected to grow at a rate of 4.4%. A large portion of this sector is expected to be driven by bottom line growth enabled by innovations in ticketing, reservation systems and novel business models. GNTS has created varied solutions in this industry ranging from ticketing-systems for tours and travels to full-fledged hotel management systems with online room booking for resorts and hotels.

How We Help

As our global delivery center is situated a mere 60 miles away from a UN declared global biodiversity hotspot, GNTS has a first-hand understanding of the challenges facing the hospitality industry. What's more, our HQ is also situated in Atlanta, one of the top tourist destinations. It is a city that has hosted the largest hospitality event ever, the Olympics. We have numerous clients who have used us to provide

  •   Hotel Management Systems
  •   Guide Planning Systems
  •   Interactive Digital Experiences
  •   Digital Marketing
  •   Ticketing and reservation systems.

Our services come with relevant recommendations from peers in your industry. The major solutions that we offer to the hospitality industry can be categorized as

  •   Application Development
  •   Application Maintenance
  •   Mobility: App based Hotel Management Dashboards
  •   Remote Teams: Security Monitoring Systems
  •   Internet of Things: Room Management Systems
  •   Analytics and Dashboards: Learn your peak booking times and rates and innovate