SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud. It represents four major areas of importance in the business world and believed to be the foundation for success in this era. SMAC boasts collaboration, mobility, accessibility, and communication and provides business leaders with a better understanding of who are interacting with your brand. SMAC is all about accessibility and customer experience. Make cohesiveness of those four areas a priority, and you’re already on your way. Identify your business potential by leveraging our expertise, we help you and SMAC work together to provide maximum business efficiency

With experience spanning over 6+ years in offshore outsourcing, GNTS has built several different teams of talented engineering and design professionals who are well-versed at seamlessly integrating with existing teams and diverse company cultures to manage and deliver complex projects. As our clients' business mature, so does our integration, which further expedites the achievement of goals and objectives. The more we learn about your business, the more effective we become!

Our "remote development team" model allows for constant communication, short iterations, regular reviews and on-time, on-scope deliveries. The external development team is a natural "team extension" of our clients' local staff. This approach doesn't require a substantial upfront investment and runs on a fixed monthly budget.