Transport & Logistics

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Transport & Logistics

Globally, the transport and logistics industry has witnessed a year-on-year growth of 20%. All of these firms employ IT in some way or form to serve their customers better. In fact, the invention of order tracking is the greatest contribution of logistics IT to the rest of the world. We at GNTS have designed and developed Fleet management Systems to support universal devices.

How We Help

GNTS helps companies in the Travel and Logistic industries to leverage technology comprehensively, innovatively and cost-effectively to address their most pressing business needs. Our goal is to help these businesses provide value to their customers. In the ticketing sphere, travel companies are increasingly becoming full-fledged Travel retailers who sell a host of ancillary services. The flexibility of booking tickets, rooms, travel guides and getaway new-age customer experience generates top line growth and drives customer loyalties.

GNTS has a strong presence in the Travel & Logistic industry and can provide the following services.

  •   Application Support services in Transportation technologies
  •   Application development / implementation services, infrastructure services and testing
  •   Route optimization Systems
  •   Transportation Management System (TMS)
  •   Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  •   Asset tracking and visibility solutions (RFID)